Monday, January 17, 2011

Women Armed Forces

Happy new year visitors

not too late too wish i guess. Btw, those are photos of women who chose military and police as their profession. I was astonished by them as they do what most men did. Being a soldier or cops guys, holding their rifles all the time and thats what ive been dreaming all this while. Well, even im a guy couldnt get the opportunity to choose military as my career. The girls look pretty and awesome in their outfit and thats what make all the guys melted with their beauty. I think thats one of the propaganda of a country to defense their garrison. Beauty as their defensive power i guest..haha. I have read bout a forum saying that all the citizen of Israel have to join military and thats why most of pretty women soldier come from Israel. Just google "women Israel soldier" and you can find hot chicks wearing their uniform and they still look good even in their ACU (army combat uniform).

I ll be going back to UTP tomorrow as new sem just around the corner and perhaps its going to be rare for me to update my blog coz pack class gonna hit me all the time.So enjoy the photos guys.

(RCW) Rozita Che Wan in Gerak Khas episode

British military

USMC, D Co., 3rd Plt. Rifle Range

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) with M4 (its M4 buttstock)

Israel Police (more to california girls)

Army Chief Warrant Officer Lacey Smith smiles in the cockpit of a UH-60 Blackhawk

They are damn hot Russian

Korean army


Israel cops

New York cop

Indonesian police officer

Israel army

Iraqis officer

Malaysian UTK (Unit Tindakan Khas) similar to SWAT

not familiar with the outfit. btw, nice aviotor

German artillery trooper (she is badass)

Chinese army

Indonesian police

Singaporean Police officer

Turkish women

Korean army

Singaporean police officer

Indonesian Police officer

USMC MP (USMC Military Police)

Chineese (i guess)

New York police oficer

Korean army ( i bet she is officer rank)

Korean police

A brit infantry soldier i think (jungle camo looks familiar)

Korean cop again


apple damein said...

salam..bro ape title entry nie?? then letak la..nie officer negara infomative sket..nie suro reader teka-teki ke hape??hahahha

warjunkies said...

bro..lom siap lagi ni...still under construction..tunggu eh..haha

syi Er said...

whoaaaa...versatile gilaa.....kerja ganas, tapi semua jelita2. :D

nice entry la muaz. :)

warjunkies said...

haha...tq syier...more post coming up soon =)

tulganart said...

Turks Turks Arab women from that shown in the military as you fools not publish. Insert the Turkish-Arab is not that big in your head

hariseldon said...

That photo is not from any Turkish military organization, as it is forbidden for women to cover their heads while conducting lawful duties. It is also forbidden for police, doctors, teachers and students from elementary school to university level by law since 1923 as Ataturk dictated. The photo is most likely from an Arab country.

Patrick Pressdee said...

the one marked as USMC military Police is not a marine she is in the army

Daniel Almahdy said...

Looking to their emblem on their hat, I think the women with scarfs are from Jordan.

tori said...

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